Meet the new Disney Princess

Star Wars: Episode VII – Meet The New Disney Princess

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Star Wars: Episode VII Trailers

I reviewed the new Disney Star Was: Episode VII trailer recently and it occurred to me afterwards, “Who is the hero?” The 2 new Star Wars trailers that have been released have little to no information on this. So I searched Google thinking I would find this information, but apparently the Star Wars crew are keeping this secret for now. But they did reveal 3 actors who could be the main Star Wars: Episode VII hero. Let’s start with the least likely first.

Star Wars EP VII Short List
Who is the next Jedi?
One of the characters is the new Star Wars: Episode VII Hero. One of the characters may also be the villain?

Fin (John Boyega): Seems to be a Stormtrooper. I highly doubt élite soldiers of the Galactic Empire would be Jedi. The actor playing this role is of African descent, and is very doubtful that he is part of the Skywalker family.

Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac): Seems to be an x-wing pilot. Though he might help the main hero as a supporting character, I do not believe he is a Jedi or the main hero; the trailer gave much more screen-time to the next character on my list.

Rey (Daisy Ridley): Solely based on the trailers I believe Rey to be the new Jedi. Here is why: In trailer #2 Luck Skywalker’s voice is heard saying: “The force is strong in my family. My father has

Star Wars: Episode VII lightsaber hand over
The Star Wars: Episode VII Trailer implies that Luke Skywalker is handing his lightsaber over by having him voice over this scene. But if you look closely it’s really a humanoid alien.

it.” Luke is then shown putting his robotic hand on R2D2 then says: “I have it”. Then an unknown person (who looks like a non-human alien) is then seen handing Luke Skywalker’s trademark lightsaber over to another unknown person who has female hands with long fingernails. Luke is then heard saying: “My sister has it.” A long pause with nothing but black screen, Luke then says: “You have that power too!”

I predict that Rey is Leia and Han Solo’s daughter, or at the very least Leia and somebody else’s daughter. (Strictly going by Star War Episode III she could be Luke and Leia’s daughter, ewww! We will just ignore this like everybody else.) Luke’s sister having the power of the force is stated by Luke in the trailer. “My sister has it.”

This also puts Rey in line to be Disney’s next Princess, only this Disney princess has the power of the force!

Other Star Wars Episode VII Hero Hints
  • Rey is wearing the same colors as Luke wore in past Star Wars episodes.
  • Even the pattern/wrappings on Rey’s and Luke’s clothes are the same.

    Luke and Rey's matching clothes
    Luke’s and Rey’s clothing are very similar. Especially the legs and arm wraps.
  • Rey (Daisy Ridley) resembles Queen Amidala/Padmé (Natalie Portman)

    Amidala and Rey a lot look alike.
    The actress who is playing Rey (Daisy Ridley) looks a lot like the actress who played Queen Amidala / Padmé (Natalie Portman) in Star Wars Episode I, II and III. Queen Amidala would be Rey’s Grandmother.
More Star Wars Episode VII Possibilities

Of course this is all just speculation, and there’s other possibilities. Poe Dameron could be Leia’s son and Rey could be Luke’s Daughter or vice versa. It is also possible that one of the two is the new villain, the one shown in the trailer with the evil red lightsaber.

Whoever or whatever is the next Hero and villain in this up-coming Star Wars: Episode VII, it surely looks as though Disney, J.J. Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan have written a saga that keeps with the legend that Star Wars is.

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